WayToGive.net: Providing Online Giving for Your Church Website

WayToGive.net caters to the Generation X, Y, and beyond of church goers. WayToGive.net provides a link to your existing church website and allows contributors to securely login and setup a one-time donation or an automatic recurring amount. Online reporting tools are available for both the member/donor and the church staff. WayToGive.net is an easy and very affordable solution to accept e-commerce payments including one-time donations, regular tithing, and other payments such as staff payroll, church camp/retreat registrations, children's homes and special fund raising events. Online giving will convert good intentions into faithful stewardship.

Electronic commerce is rapidly replacing the written check in every aspect of today's business. Every year an increasing number of people pay all their bills electronically via ACH and bill-pay systems. Many people no longer carry checkbooks. WayToGive.net will give your church members the same convenience they have come to expect when paying their monthly bills electronically.


Contributions are scheduled for one-time or recurring. A one-time gift is collected on the day specified from the giver's checking or savings account. If the payment is determined to be good (valid account and available funds) then the gift amount is placed directly into the churches designated account (usually within 3-4 days). Recurring amounts are collected on the day specified by the donor and similarly will be deposited in your account. A single deposit may represent multiple gifts on a given day. Detail reporting showing individual donors is available online at any time.

Online Demo


  • Security - you are not responsible for storing, maintaining or backing up any secure data
  • A simple link is all that is needed to add online giving to your existing church website
  • Weekly contribution will be less affected by summer vacations and inclement weather
  • Members can choose between multiple accounts when giving online (i.e. General Fund, Missions, Building Fund, etc.)
  • Inexpensive - cost is NOT a percentage of the gift amount like many online systems
  • Reporting is available from any computer
  • No bank trips necessary - no time spent making deposit tickets